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Hey everyone,

This is Oli, the founder of Deluxe Knives.


Many photographers have asked if they could do photography for our company. And in the past we've not really agreed to do anything. Although it has come a point where we need someone to help us make video content & take photos for our social medias.


Here's the REQUIREMENTS for who we're looking for:


  • Someone that plays CS:GO themselves, and understands who us Gamers are (as is one themselves!)


  • Someone who really Love video games, and will enjoy taking the photography of the knives


  •  Someone who isn't just in it for the money. The reason for this is that we're a small business, and although we will fairly pay you we cannot afford substantial amounts for your work at this stage. It will be something like $10 per video, and $10 per 3 photos, is probably what the current rate will be. Once we grow, and you continue to make great content which grows the company we will increase your pay. I promise, but for now you've got to do it for the love of photography, to improve your portfolio & for great practise as oppose to simply money.


  • Someone in it for the long run. We really want someone who we can work with long into the future, probably 1-3 years. If you're looking for something temporary, this isn't going to be for you considering it costs so much money to send the knives.


  • Someone who has a decent gaming setup where knife photos can be taken with (doesn't need to be godlike, although something that Gamers can relate to. Razer keyboard, Benz monitor etc would be great but not necessary.)


  • Someone who lives in the countryside/good area where outdoor photos can be taken, which will be used for social medias. Unfortunately if you live in a city carrying around knives will be a problem so you'll have to have countryside you can go to. We're looking for similar to our own shots on instagram (excluding main photos used on website). Also similar to Elemental knives, here's a few examples:

You don't need to have the exact same style as the above Elemental Knives. Although they are great engaging photos and the style we're looking for.


  • Not required, but preferable: Someone who has some indoor space where main photos for website can be taken, with a white background & good lighting where the background can be totally photo-shopped white. (we can have someone else remove background though, as long as you can get a clear white background that is great, but good lighting is REQUIRED.)



  • MUST: Have a camera that can take video, so we can have videos on product pages as well as for marketing campaigns. We simply need showcases to show potential customers what kind of knives they're getting, and bring them to life for people. Here's an example video:


People absolutely LOVED this video. It went viral on facebook with about 70k views. It isn't even very difficult to create as a videographer, although this is what is required (with better camera quality and own skills). We need PERSONAL videos as well as more professional videos so customers feel like its an actual person recording the video. This is why we really need someone who plays CS:GO, as they will better understand what people actually want. Some we can have professional videos, but others we can have more phone quality videos. Both work, and both are required. 


  • Someone who can edit the videos they create, something like the below:

Example clip:


We REALLY want someone who can do video clips like the above, in which you showcase the knives and hold it as if you were in the game. It looks really cool, and in slow motion even better.


So that's it, if you're happy with that as the agreement and would love to work with us, we'd love to work with you!

Please contact us via email:


If you don't meet all the requirements, you can still contact us but make us aware of which requirements you aren't able to fit.


Thanks a lot,


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