Flip Knife - Doppler 2

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This Flip Knife Doppler Phase 2 will be a great addition to any evolving gaming setup or knife collection. Designed by CS:GO players for CS:GO players, it's a perfect addition to any collection.

Flip knives sport a Persian-style back-swept blade with an acute point. While the point itself may be fragile, the overall design of the flip knife's design is surprisingly durable. 
―Official CSGO description

Key Features & Benefits:

✓ STRENGTH - This knife is made from an ABS Fibreglass handle & 52 HRC Stainless Steel. Also, all our knives include Deluxe Coating™ which ensures the paintwork is durable and long-lasting - giving you the extra security in the knife's strength, paintwork & build quality.

✓ DELUXE COMMUNITY - All customers become a part of our exclusive community of gaming setup collectors. 

✓ VIBRANCE - All our knives include Deluxe Vibrance™ which is our guarantee that the knife's color combinations are only the best and match CS:GO as closely as possible.

✓ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Deluxe Knives we offer a 60 Day Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee with no strings attached. If you wish to return the knife, you may do so. 

Note: Our Flip Knives are axis lock - they do not spring out with a button. They have to be manually moved their full motion into the lock position, then flick the switch to lock the blade in place.

Delivery times:

Europe: 7-14 days
North America: 12-15 days
Australasia: 12-18 days
Worldwide: 12-20 days 

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