YouTuber & Influencer Partnerships & Affiliates

Requirements for partnership (us sending you knives):

- YouTuber with 2k+ views per video for every past 5 videos
- Twitch/other Streamer with 7.5k followers and 100+ viewers consistently while streaming (can be any platform)
- Instagram Page/Influencer with 10k+ Instagram followers and 500 likes a photo
- Facebook Page with 10k+ Likes & good engagement (300+ per image)
- Twitter Page with 10k+ Followers & 50+ likes per post

If you have a page on any other platform with great engagement feel free to get in contact too.

Please note: If you don't meet the requirements below or bot your views/likes please don't message us asking for a Partnership.

Contact format:

Headline: [Partnership] [Platform you're on] [Followers/Subscribers count]

Description: Please provide a link to your page/account, and let us know what kind of partnership you'd be interested in.


 Send the email to or use this contact form

Thank you for your interest in working with our brand, we really do appreciate it! Have a great day.