Why don't we sell Butterfly Knives or Shadow Daggers?

Hey everyone, 

A lot of people ask us why we don't sell butterfly knives & Shadow Daggers, and here's why:

We send all our knives from the UK. Although unfortunately in the UK, and many other countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, butterfly knives & Shadow Daggers are illegal. That means we can't bring them to our warehouse in the UK as they'll be taken by customs.


If you live in a country where butterflies & Shadow Daggers are legal I do apologize. We are looking to set up a warehouse outside of the UK soon to accommodate those people who live in a country where they're allowed (example: USA) soon. Feel free to signup for our newsletter at the bottom of the page and we'll let everyone know there once we start selling them.

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Thanks for understanding!

Brady on behalf of Deluxe Knives